As working women, we tend to get bogged down and overwhelmed by things that build up over time. These seemingly innocuous things end up cluttering our minds – and our businesses. And because we’re often afraid or think we’re unable to upset the status quo – we persist in tolerating them.

What’s so wrong with tolerating things?

You may think it’s easier to tolerate things rather than face them and change them. But, if we’re just “tolerating” things we’re giving it space in our minds, in our business and in our home. Space that could be used for things we enjoy. What would you rather do – enjoy or tolerate?

If we’re tolerating our child’s tantrums and demands for an easier life it can seem way harder to enforce boundaries and challenge behaviours, so we let it carry one. All the while subconsciously worrying about it. What about if we faced it head on. Agreed with our self to have a few tough weeks to reap the rewards ie enjoyable time with our little one?

Slow processes and equipment at in our business may have become the norm; and expense and time constraints put us off fixing it, but what if we agreed with our-self that it is unacceptable and that we will set some time aside or work out a budget to get it done (or god forbid got someone else too – can you say “outsourcing”?)
Just imagine how much easier you life would be afterwards!

Now is the time to identify what we’re tolerating! Because if we don’t identify them, how can we manage them? We can only affect what we acknowledge. And ultimately if we keep on “keeping on” we will eventually burn out and then EVERYONE suffers.

Identify what you’re tolerating

So, make a list of what you’re putting up with at work (and at home if something (or someone) is repeatedly bothering you while at work) and see what’s cluttering your mind and physical space, and slowing you or your business down!

Take a sheet of paper and write as many items as you can think of. Keep your list with you and, over time, as you think of more, simply add them to your list.

Examples: Incomplete tasks, crap/slow processes and procedures, 
unresolved issues, other people's behaviour, clutter, "shoulds",
lack of boundaries, poor morale, overdue bills or invoices, guilt,
exercise/eating/sleep habits, office cleanliness/tidiness,
undone filing/accounts, indecision, procrastination etc…
See also: Don't get stressed, think NBS

You may not want or be able to do anything about them right now – although it’s probably in your best interests eventually – but by simply acknowledging that they exist and writing them down, you will raise your awareness to them and you may find that you start handling, fixing and resolving them spontaneously.

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Take care of you so you can take care of business.