My favourite mantra is “Fail to plan, plan to fail” – it’s so true.

Planning means that I know what’s happening, when. Where I need to be. What resources are needed and how I’m going to do something. In fact, my Ultimate Planner is my lifeline to ensuring a productive day. And productive days add up to a successful business.

There is a strategy to how I schedule and plan too and I think if you’re a working woman like me, you may just find them useful.

Planning and Scheduling Tips

  1. Set a consistent, specific time every week for planning your activities, both professional and personal. Schedule the time into your calendar to be sure you do them.
  2. Take care to avoid multitasking by separating yourself from your cell phone or other distractions while you’re tackling a new task.
  3. Schedule your self-care time—including exercise, meals, breaks—first, and treat it as you would a business appointment.
  4. Review your activities daily and prioritize your to-do list.
  5. Tackle your most overwhelming tasks first.
  6. Stop writing down big projects on your to-do list. These are projects, not tasks, and you’re likely to be discouraged if you don’t complete them by a set deadline, no matter how much work might be involved. Break them up into the individual steps and put those on your to-do list, instead.
  7. Eat the frog first. Don’t waste time crossing all the easy, fast and insignificant things off your list until the important tasks are handled.
  8. Ask for help when you find yourself procrastinating because you need more information or don’t know how to complete a task.
  9. Eliminate or reduce the things that are wasting your time.
  10. Delegate the things you are not good at or hate doing.

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