Creating work-life boundaries, in my opinion, is SO much more important than a work-life balance! (Which I don’t truly believe in)

A recent study found that husbands were more stressful than kids. Add to this a growing business, housework and childcare and working women have a LOT to deal with and finding a balance can be an elusive task

Splitting up household tasks is a major source of stress, and over 75% of moms feel that they need to do most of the household and parenting chores. About one in five moms are stressed out on a daily basis because their spouse doesn’t provide enough help with the household tasks.”

Parenting Isn’t Easy

And whilst I can’t help you convince the hubby to share the chores I can give you some tips to help you create boundaries between your working life and your home life so that it doesn’t all just become one BIG burden.

Work-life boundaries are important to have and with these small, manageable steps, you’ll quickly find yourself happier and more productive in all your tasks, big or small.

  1. Decide on, and stick to, your working hours. Don’t make exceptions, as the more often you make exceptions, the more blurred that important line will get and the more tempted people will be to cross it.
  2. Create a symbolic act or ritual that creates a line between work and home. eg. when you finish/get home from the office, change into different clothing, take the dog for a walk, have a cup of tea or read the paper. The activity itself is not really important, as long as it is a menatl sign to you that the working day is over and family/free time is beginning.
  3. If you have a home office, make sure you shut the door firmly when you’re finished. Similarly let family etc know that if you’re in there, you’re not to be disturbed.
  4. If you must work in the evenings or on weekends, set a specific time period to do so and let your family know when you will be available again.
  5. Try not to handle household and family responsibilities while working, and don’t work while with family and friends. (I understand how hard this can be, believe me!) 
  6. Try not to take personal calls, texts or emails while at work. Similarly, do not take business calls, texts or emails when with family. The distinction will make everyone involved happier.
  7. Be fully engaged with whatever you are doing. When you are working, work hard. And when you are playing, have fun!

But most importantly – don’t beat yourself up about anything! If nobody’s dead, you’re doing alright!