The Business of SELF Workshop

Bring your laptop, bring your questions but most importantly bring an open mind.

Leave with new friends, new business contacts but most importantly leave with a clear strategy on how to implement your ideas.

Have you ever attended a live event or workshop and left with “information overload” where you go home with pages of notes and a feeling of insurmountable burden of all the stuff you now have to do? You never get time to review your notes, let alone implement everything you’ve learned. So all in all, whilst you may have felt motivated on the day, subsequently it’s all a bit lack lustre … and a waste of money!!

The Business of Self Workshop is VERY different.

This is not a day packed with generic information and advice. Everything will be tailored to you and YOUR business. So nyou can implement it straight away – no further thinking required. We will be doing all of the “work” at the actual event – that’s why it’s called a WORKSHOP – but it won’t feel like work though!

What will be covered:


If you don’t believe in yourself and your business it’s just not going to work – so we’ll cover this first off. So when the times get tough, you’ll have a visual reminder of why it is you are doing what you’re doing.


Promotion and marketing are an integral part of running and growing a business. We’ll get to work on that. How about having 12 months of social media and blog content MAPPED out? We’ll get that done at this workshop so you don’t have to fight daily fires.


We’ve all heard it said that you can’t serve from an empty cup so you’ll be taught tools and techniques to help avoid stress and burn out so you can go out there and run your business the way you want. It’s not just about “learning”. It”s about “doing and being” the best version of yourself, whilst taking action and creating an all-inclusive plan that gives you everything you need to set yourself up for your greatest business year to date!. You won’t be going home with pages and pages of notes to sift through, you’ll go home with your already completed Balance & Brilliance Blueprint in your hand, providing clarity, guidance, and accountability — all year long. So that’s TWELVE MONTHS of life and business PLANNED – what’s not to love?

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THE Workshop for Self-Employed Women; where we’ll be looking at:

  • SELF Employment

  • SELF Belief

  • SELF Care

  • SELF Motivation

  • SELF Promotion

  • SELF Worth

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