More time. I need more time or more hours in the day. I hear this constantly from the women I coach.

But we all have the same 24 hours in a day so how is it that some women manage to do more than others?

Are some superwomen. NO. (WE ALL ARE!) Are some lazy? Possibly.

But in 99% of cases, lack of time is more down to lack of priorities and or scheduling rather than having too much to do.

Follow this 4 Step Plan to evaluate where you time goes now, where you would like it to go and how you can fit it all in.

Step 1: Stop & Take Stock

Why do you need more time in your day? What things would you do if you had more time?

Write down all the activities you would do if you had more hours in the day – the things you enjoy, that make you happy. Now rank the activities in order of importance and pick the top two to focus on.

Make another list of all the things you HAVE to do. Don’t spend too long on this one as you’ll find that you’ll start writing down things others want you to do or that you think you should do. And that’s not what this is about.

Step 2: Track Your Time

Write down how you usually spend your day – from the moment you get up to the time you go to bed. You may want to do this over a few days to get a better view especially if you often spend your days running round like a headless chicken.

You can’t analyse what you don’t measure!

Are you spending time on the right things?

You’ll find that if you make time for the things that matter you won’t need to find more time.

Step 3: Decide to Delegate

To free up some more time ask what yourself what can be delegated.

Why not rope in family members to help around the house – hoovering, filling dishwashers etc.

Are there some tasks in your business that you don’t like to do or don’t possess the skillset to get it done quickly. Think graphic design or social media.

Bring in outside help – it may not be as expensive as you think. Have a look at your household spending – could you forego some nights out to get a cleaner for an hour per week? Could you save £30 per week (based on an hourly rate of £15ph) by outsourcing tasks that take you a couple of hours but may only take a professional half that time?

Just because you CAN do it all doesn’t mean you have to.

Step 4: Schedule for Success

Using your lists from Step 1 sort out your schedule.

If it’s not in your diary, it doesn’t get done. It’s that simple. Decide how you want to spend your day and schedule it.

Put your “non-negotiables” in first and then fit other things in around them.

You run your day – not the other way around!

Make sure there are at most 5 items on your to-do list so that you don’t feel overwhelmed, including those off your wish list in step 1. And always put a really easy task on your list first to spark action and motivation. Your most important (and dreaded) task should go second.

Don’t forget to review your schedule weekly to ensure you are accomplishing all you want to – so you don’t feel like you need more time – and map out the following week.

Bonus Tips

  • When something’s done, it’s done. Stop tweaking. leave it alone. You don’t need to spend more time on it!
  • Limit distractions – turn off phone notifications, check emails only 3-4 times per day etc
  • Set office hours if you work from home and let others know you are to be left alone


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