Anything we do with focussed attention can be classed as meditation. That design you’re working on; the client proposal you enjoy writing; colouring in – all meditation.

As working women, we can get distracted by our constant stream of thoughts, worries and never-ending to-do list but if we can just find the time to slow down intentionally and focus, the rewards can be immense – a calmer, happier life.

Mindfulness is a very easy way of slowing down and recognising the present moment.

Here are three simple mindfulness exercises you can incorporate into your routine (weekly, if not daily).

So turn off your auto-pilot and return to the here-and-now with these three small steps to mindfulness.

Focus on one thing at a time

Multi-tasking as a productivity tool is a myth and Tiana Wilson-Buys of Talking Business explains just why here.

Simply put, the effort involved in changing your focus from one task to another means you ultimately work less effectively.

So the next time you find yourself multitasking (a tell tale sign for working women is having multiple browser tabs open at the same time) STOP and give your attention to just one job at a time.

mindfulness walking

Focus on your feet

Take just three minutes out of your day to do a waking meditation. Inside, back-and-forth in your office or living will suffice but if you can get outside then that’s even better. Barefoot would be fabulous!

A walking meditation is really simple – you just take one step after another but with each footstep make a conscious efffort to notice how your feet feel. Notice the ground under your heel, sole and toes. How does your weight shift as you move?

This is incredibly grounding and can also count as one of your office-based exercises 🙂

Focus on an abstract cue

Think of a noise that you hear regularly throughout your working day – a car horn, a barking dog etc and use that noise as a trigger to pause and breathe throughout the day. After a brief pause and mindful moment return to your task at hand with full focus and engagement.

Do these a few times a week and you’ll be on the path to a calmer happier work life in no time!