Book Title: Warrior Goddess Training: Become the Woman You Are Meant to Be
Author: HeatherAsh Amara
Score (out of 10): 10

What the book blurb says:

“It’s no secret that women today are juggling a lot. We now make up half the workforce in the United Kingdom and are busier than ever with partners, children, family and friends, often putting the needs of others ahead of our own. And if we feel overwhelmed by it all or fall short of perfection, many of us have learned to be our own worst critic rather than our own best friend.

That’s where finding our inner warrior goddess comes in

In Warrior Goddess Training, best selling author HeatherAsh Amara provides the anecdote to the flawed idea that you are not enough. Direct, honest and unapologetic, Amara will show you how to release the layers of expectations to finally see yourself for the authentic, perceptive, perfect woman you really are.

Drawing on wisdom from Buddhism, the Toltec tradition and ancient Earth-based goddess spirituality, the Warrior Goddess path includes personal stories, rituals and exercises that will encourage and inspire you to become the true warrior goddess you are meant to be.”

If you don’t love and honour yourself with every fibre of your being, if you struggle with owning your power and passion, if you could use more joyful play and simple presence in your life, then it is time for an inner revolution. It is time to claim your Warrior Goddess energy.

What I say:

I really can’t add anymore to this than what has been said above. I LOVED this book. As someone who often struggles with being her own worst critic I can use all the help I can get in keeping the “mind-monkeys” at bay; and this book offers the answers on how to do that in a soulful and heartfelt way. this book touched my own soul in ways no other book has.

Particularly pertinent was the empowering focus on sexuality and the explanation that sexual energy “is your creative flow, and when you choose to channel it, everything becomes your art”.

It also introduced me to a new word, which the linguist-nerd in me loved: catawumpus!

My favourite parts or Warrior Goddess Training:

  • Redefining the true/false stories we tell ourselves (page 48)
  • Invoking wisdom via an altar of family members
  • The core strategies on Page 79
  • The butterfly analogy
  • The tree/wind analogy

My favourite quotes from Warrior Goddess Training (there were LOADS):

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage” ~ Anais Nin

“Be the woman you are meant to be. Not the woman you think you should be, or the woman others want you to be.”

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift” ~ Einstein

“Sex is not a prize to give out nor a weapon to withhold. Your sexuality is life-force energy, connected to your creativity, vitality and joy”



Final thoughts

Overall this book has made me want to (continue to) “live authentically, not automatically”.

And I believe we all should!


PS That was No11 of my “100 books in 2018” challenge.
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