Do you know about the Moon cycle? Timing really is everything – knowing when and when not to act is key. Have you ever considered working with the flow of nature? Ebb and flow. Reap and sow.

Working with the moon and its cycle can be very powerful, particularly for women in business. It’s long been discussed that the moon cycle and a woman’s “cycle” are inextricably linked.

There are four distinct phases to the lunar cycle (if we leave our waxing, waning, gibbous etc):

  1. New moon
  2. Waxing moon (up to full moon)
  3. Full moon
  4. Waning moon (down to new moon)


New moon: A time for reviewing the past month and setting business and personal goals for the coming month. (day 1)

Waxing moon: The birthing period. From the day after new moon until the full moon (2-13 days) put ideas out, initiate new projects, make connections with people, promote activities and products you want to generate support for. ie do the work. Flow & Sow

Full moon: Make or break time! Personally, it’s a time for forgiveness and letting go. Business-wise, stay diplomatic, being mindful of your own inner energy. This is a good time for negotiations and meetings which require your skills in diplomacy, but avoid making important decisions – it is best to try and complete projects you already started.

Waning moon: Day after full moon to day before new moon (15-28) This is the time to reap the harvest of what you have sown, tie up loose ends, finish things off and clear the decks ready for the next moon cycle. Ebb & reap.

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