Poem for Earth Day

We only get one earth, you know
So may be it is worth, you know
Looking after the seas and oceans
Not spoiling them with chemical potions
Plastic carrier bags and not recycling
Makes the world not to our liking
Can you cut down on household waste?
Don’t chuck everything in your haste.
Use the bins that are provided
Don’t make your rubbish all one-sided
Recycle, re use don’t buy too much
Use bags for life, paper and such

Think of the future, your kids’ kids
What would happen if they did what we did?
Can we reverse global warming?
Is it fate or just a warning?
Chopping down trees, destroying habitat
Is it worth it for household tat?
We clear them to build, no preserving
Destroy and destruct, no conserving

Don’t roll your eyes and heave a sigh
The world does not end when YOU die
But if the world should die, your life will end
This is the message I want to send

Take care of the planet now while you can
Leave it well for your fellow man
Don’t just dump shit then ignore
We as a race can do so much more.