I’m currently on the way home from London, having attended Hay House Ignite 2018, with my good friend and fellow business woman Kelly Rose. After listening to some awesome women (and man) I felt inspired to write this .

The main theme running through the event and presentations was that in order to be happy we have to BE happy . Such a simple concept but one many have difficulty in implementing.

One way to discover what truly makes you happy is to recall what you loved to do as a child; those activities for which time ceased to exist .

For me it was writing, in particular, poetry.

Therefore this is my offering to you this evening:

What’s interesting to me is that we all have those days when we just want to run and hide. 

But just think what could happen if we looked at ourselves and turned to the other side.

Turned to the side that is pure love and light; the side that has our back. 

Look to the side that shines down on you and scares away the black.

Who could you be with the light on your side; with the Universe making you whole? 

What things you could achieve with love in your veins and purity in your soul.

So now is the time to step out of the shadows and into the glorious sun.

To celebrate all that you have and all that is still to be done. 

Remember the ones that love you so much; the ones that want what you do.

Remember it’s time to be who you are. It’s time to stand up and be you!

Love and light