As we head into the New Year, you’re probably thinking about improving your life in some way. Creating a vision board can be just the help you need to stay on track.

Why create a Vision Board?

You wouldn’t set out on a car journey without some idea of where you were going, would you? SO why set out in life without a clear path in mind? A vision board is simply that – plus the added magic of the Law of Attraction (if you believe in that). A vision board is not only a map to your goals but also a daily reminder of the things you want for yourself – all your hopes and dreams.

I created one at the end of 2015 and all of the feelings and wishes on there have fallen into place. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

♥ New Car? CHECK (even the colour was similar)
♥ New Kitchen? CHECK
♥ 3 holidays (one citybreak, one long haul beach, plus Disneyland) CHECK

You get the picture (no pun intended)

Creating a vision board - plan

You will need:

  • Large piece of card or poster board
  • Magazines
  • Photos
  • Printed Pictures from the internet
  • Drawings
  • Glue
  • Drawing pins
  • Scissors
  • Pens
  • Your favourite (alcoholic) drink

A vision board is not only a map to your goals but also a daily reminder of the things you want for yourself – all your hopes and dreams for all aspects of your life.

How to construct a vision board

Firstly write down all the things you would like in the future. What is missing in your current situation? How would you like to feel every morning? What things you would like to change?

Then look through magazines or online images (or draw it yourself if you can’t find a representative image – don’t worry about your artistic skills, it’s the feeling you need most). Cut out words and images that represent your future goals. Select images that simply appeal to you – you don’t have to understand why they appeal to you, just so long as they do. Now stick those images and words on the card or poster board and enjoy creating your vision board. 

Tip: Don’t try and finish your vision board in one evening

“Instead, prepare for a week or two, seeking out images and building a sense of anticipation. Preparation is part of the visioning. Let your imagination run wild.” ~ Sonia Choquette

Continue to add to it overtime and keep notes on your progress and your achievements

Where to hang your vision board

Keep it in view. So on the fridge, by your bed, at the bottom of the stairs, even on the back of the bathroom door are all good places to hang your finished board. Look at it everyday, imagine your new life but most importantly feel it.

Share your vision board with us online on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter – using the hashtag #TWAVisionBoard and don’t forget you have access to so many more resources in The Academy, including a step by step guide to creating a vision board.