About The Wellness Academy

Firstly The Wellness Academy is a place of learning.

A place where I’ll be sharing my research, learning and education with you so you in turn can learn to look after yourself.

It will be natural and holistic. No quick fixes. No fad diets. Just honest, healthy suggestions to change your lifestyle – or maintain a healthy one – because I assume that’s what you’re here for.

I don’t promise to know ALL the answers or that I’ll be 100% correct, 100% of the time. But I do promise to share only deeply researched articles, covering everything for your¬†mind, body, soul and business in a clear, easy to understand way but with disclaimers where necessary.

(As always, though, it’s up to you to check with your doctor before embarking on any health and lifestyle changes, especially if you’ve not undertaken anything similar in a long time!)

I also promise not to be smug, glib or sarcastic (well, maybe not the last one, as I am *the* most sarcastic person I know, but it’s all done with love ūüėČ )

I know how hard it is to make¬†changes, believe me, I do. I also know what it’s like¬†to have friends – as I hope that’s we’ll become – that DO find it easy to eat healthily and exercise at 5am in the morning (Yes, Kelly Rose – I’m looking at you (with love, of course)). It can be disheartening to see every one else making a success of their lives, while you feel stuck in the mire.

But I’m getting out of the mire, one day at a time, and so can you!

You’ve come here because you need help and I am honestly here to help you. I started on my¬†self-development journey a few years back and in particular, over the last 6-12 months I’ve honed in on holistic health to help heal my body from some potentially serious illnesses.¬†¬†If you’re anything like me you just want to be happy and I truly believe holism – living holistically – is the way to achieve that. So I look forward to you joining me on my journey to wellness and I eagerly await your stories of success too…

With love