The Wellness Academy – a place to align your mind, body, spirit & business

There are only TWO rules for joining The Wellness Academy for Working Women

You’ve got to be prepared to put the work in! (I want to see your results not just your money)

You’ve got to “prepare for the swear” cos mama’s a little potty-mouth sometimes

What can I do for you? I can help you take your business from where it is now to where you want it to be.

Checklists, videos, workbooks and bespoke coaching assistance will help you build the business of your dreams.

From mindset and motivation to marketing and media, it’s ALL covered in the academy!

The Wellness Academy is a place of learning.

A place where I share my knowledge, research, learning and education with you so, in turn, you too can learn to look after yourself and your business. There’ll be videos and workbooks, checklists and ecourses, plus bespoke personalised support, designed specifically for busy working women looking to move from stress to success.

I promise to share only deeply researched articles, covering everything for your mind, body, soul and business in a clear, easy to understand way.

You just need to promise to put the work in!

I know how hard it is to make changes, believe me, I do. It can be disheartening to see every one else making a success of their lives and business, while you feel stuck in the mire.

But you can get out of the mire – one day at a time!

You’ve come here because you need help and I am honestly here to help you. I started on my self-development journey a few years back and in particular, over the last 6-12 months I’ve honed in on holistic health to help heal my body from some potentially serious illnesses and also successfully turned my (business) life around – from stress to success.

If you’re anything like me you just want to be happy and I truly believe holism – living holistically – is the way to achieve that. So I look forward to you joining you on your journey to business wellness and eagerly await your stories of success too…

Gain confidence in your abilities & your business

Do you often find that you constantly think negative thoughts or that you argue with your “mind monkeys” ALL THE TIME? Do you doubt your ability to run your business, or your house or your life?

The “MindWell” section of the Wellness Academy will help you get the clarity you need to pursue the business and life of your dreams.

You will learn how to:

  • Get clear on your path and purpose
  • Quiet the Mind Monkeys
  • Get motivated to follow your dream(s)
  • Build your confidence
  • and more ….


Your body is the only one you have – Take care of it.

Natural and holistic. No quick fixes. No fad diets.

Just honest, healthy suggestions to change your lifestyle – or maintain a healthy one – because if you get ill, so does your business.

You will learn about:

  • Foods that energize and foods that zap your energy
  • Activities that WILL fit into your busy day
  • How hormones affect productivity
  • and more …


Keep Your Spirits high with our SoulWell Programs

Spirit is the lamp; mind is the light which shines from the lamp. Spirit is the tree, and the mind is the fruit. Mind is the perfection of the spirit and is its essential quality, as the sun’s rays are the essential necessity of the sun.

The “SoulWell” section of the Wellness Academy will help you get clear on the business or life of your dreams and help you to ignite the fire in your soul.

You will learn how to:

  • Protect your energy
  • Get rid of negativity
  • Practice extreme self-care 
  • and more …. 


Grow your business NOT your stress

Running a business is hard – let me help. With instructional videos and worksheets covering every aspect of running a business, success is at your fingertips.

You will learn about:

  • Automating the majority of your tasks
  • Using Facebook, Twitter and all that jazz
  • Advertising & Marketing essentials
  • Honing your message to get more clients
  • Website building
  • and more …